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Tips for Replacing Quick Change Nozzles


         As a user, if you want to better control the quick nozzle, in addition to mastering the correct method of use, you also need to understand the replacement of the quick nozzle, so that when there is a problem with the quick nozzle, you can deal with it in time, replace it, and reduce losses . The following small series will introduce you to the skills of replacing the quick-change water nozzle.

1. After the mechanism is poured, after the mechanism is disassembled, the mechanism must be completely cooled before installation, or a new set of mechanism for turnover, so as to prolong the service life of the mechanism and improve the efficiency.

2. After disassembling the mechanism, be sure to disassemble all parts on the mechanism body for inspection. The parts include the following: main reed, left front reed, right front reed, clamping ring, spring assembly, nozzle spring, ball bolt, hexagon socket head bolt, heat shield.

3. The quick-change mechanism disassembled after pouring must be cleaned or soaked with diesel or rosin. Use a steel ruler (new) to check the flatness of the mechanism and wipe it clean with gauze.

4. Use a vernier caliper to test the parts described above.

5. All testing instruments must be kept clean and tidy, and the spring component detectors must be calibrated and adjusted regularly. It is strictly forbidden to throw and smash them everywhere, and protect them reasonably.

6. Check and replace the cover plate. Introduction of cover plate: The part installed at the bottom of the bag is used to connect the quick-change mechanism and connect with compressed air; argon sealing; 0.5mm does not meet the normal requirements and must be replaced in time.

        The above are the tips for replacing the quick nozzle. If you have any questions, you are welcome to communicate with us at any time!

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