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Conditions of use of the quick-change nozzle


          The quick-change nozzle must be familiar to those who are familiar with refractory materials. The quick-change nozzle is one of many nozzles, and the production raw materials of the quick-change nozzle are mainly water glass, asphalt, flake graphite, and aluminum dihydrogen phosphate. Wait. After the quick-change nozzle is formed, it will be sent to the hot air kiln in the afternoon, the baking time will be 36h, and the high temperature will be 380℃. The upper nozzle is sent to boil and soak the asphalt, and then the asphalt stains on the surface are removed; After grinding the quick-change nozzle, dry the water for 5 hours at a high temperature of 80 °C. Next, quickly change the nozzle coating material, wipe the surface, and pack it.

          There are many applications of quick-change nozzles in today's industrial processing and production process, which brings a lot of convenience to the industrial processing process. Certain conditions, to achieve these conditions, the efficiency of work and the quality of goods will be improved, the content is as follows:

1. When working, the flow rate should be well controlled, so that there will be no quality problems during processing;

2. The mold is also an important part of the operation, usually the molten steel needs to be evenly distributed and flow slowly;

3. Maintaining the speed of slag melting is also an aspect, so it must be well controlled;

4. No matter how many functions, when using it, it is impossible to install it inconveniently;

5. The molten steel poured into the mold should be careful not to tumble violently;

6. When working, there will be some impurities. When using, be careful not to appear slag.

          The above are some of the baking process and usage conditions of the quick-change nozzle introduced by the manufacturer of the quick-change nozzle. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our manufacturer at any time! 

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