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Zirconium sizing nozzle introduces you to zirconia


          Zirconium sizing nozzle is a common refractory material. When it comes to zirconium sizing nozzle, zirconia must be introduced. Many people are relatively unfamiliar with zirconia. Next, zirconium sizing nozzle manufacturers come to provide You introduce zirconia.

         The raw material of zirconia ceramic parts is zirconium silicate, which becomes a compound such as zirconium oxychloride after chemical desiliconization. The raw materials of rare earth zirconia ceramic parts are mainly rare earth oxides and zirconium oxychloride through alkaline neutralization and co-precipitation reaction to obtain the precursor, and then the rare earth zirconia powder after calcination, air flow and spray granulation. Zirconia ceramic parts are named after the production and processing of zirconia materials. They are the mainstream special ceramic products on the market. Zirconia ceramic parts are widely used in mechanical and electronic, medical equipment, aerospace, electrical appliances and other fields.

1. Zirconia ceramic parts are favored by many industries because zirconia ceramic parts are suitable for high temperature, high friction coefficient, chemical corrosion sites, and zirconia ceramic parts can meet the production needs of most manufacturers;

2. It provides a guarantee for the quality and safety of production, and the zirconia ceramic parts are made of 95% high wear-resistant and toughened ceramics and isostatic pressing process;

3. In the process of using the zirconia ceramic parts, an anti-wear lining with impact resistance and wear resistance is formed. The surface of the zirconia ceramic parts is smooth and does not block materials, which is more convenient for use in the production process of the machine.

4. In addition, zirconia ceramic parts can not only meet the normal production process of the machine, but also facilitate its production, thereby improving the production efficiency. How can such zirconia ceramic parts not make enterprises tempted? Therefore, zirconia ceramic parts are the main force in the contemporary development torrent. 

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