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Operation steps for quick water change


         The quick-change nozzle manufacturer learned that the expansion of the nozzle will cause unstable and unpredictable pulling speed, which may lead to accidents or stop watering at any time, bringing difficulties to the production organization. After adopting the sliding nozzle quick-change technology, it not only avoids the occurrence of similar accidents, but also saves the molten steel and ensures the smooth flow of pouring; it is not necessary to lower the molten steel level of the tundish, and the phenomenon of molten steel slag entering the mold is avoided. . So, how to quickly replace the sizing nozzle operation steps?

         There are two factors to master the quick change nozzle: one is the temperature control of the molten steel before and after the quick change; the second is the timing of the quick change. The temperature of the molten steel before and after the quick change of the tundish plays an important role in the success of the quick change. The temperature in the early stage should be higher, which is more favorable for quick change, and has a negative impact on fast-paced production; when the temperature is low, production accidents such as nozzle nodule and quick change failure are prone to occur. Therefore, certain requirements are put forward for the temperature of molten steel in the tundish before the quick-change tundish. The time of the casting machine for molten steel should not exceed ten minutes, and the ladle is a red ladle with normal turnover and good condition. Through discontinuous temperature measurement statistics, the average temperature of the steel level in the tundish ten minutes before and after the quick change of the tundish changes (take low alloy as an example), and the quick change time is from the fifth to tenth minutes.

        When the continuous casting sizing nozzle works for a few hours, the nozzle is scoured by the molten steel flow, and the continuous casting pulling speed exceeds the critical pulling speed. To avoid the production accident of continuous casting, the sizing nozzle must be quickly replaced, and the spare sizing sliding nozzle must be placed in At the standby position, bake ten to thirty molecules through the ambient temperature to ensure that the temperature of the nozzle reaches the standard. When the liquid level of the tundish drops to 300-400mm, press the button, and the hydraulic cylinder pushes the standby sizing nozzle to move to the pouring position along the slideway. At the same time, the original sizing nozzle is pushed out of the pouring position, and the new nozzle starts to work. At this time, the pulling speed should be properly adjusted to retract the hydraulic cylinder and remove the hydraulic cylinder. After the replacement of the nozzle is completed, the continuous casting operation is carried out as normal pouring.

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